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Associated Students, SJSU, is a 501(c)3 company created to provide student leadership and the development of services that meet the changing needs of the students at San José State University. Maintaining a voice for the students through student government, Associated Students is responsible for the creation and daily operation of its departments, each contributing its own unique service to our campus community.


To represent the students of San Jose State University and continually improve the quality of their educational opportunities and experiences.


We, the students of San Jose State University, in order to promote educational, social and cultural activities; to govern and finance student activities; to facilitate participation in the University community; and to discharge the authority vested in the Association by the State of California and the President of the University, do hereby declare that equal opportunities shall be afforded to all students without regard to race, religion, creed, gender, sexual or affectional preference, age, ethnic origin, nationality, physical disability or any other basis protected by law.


Materials are available in alternative formats upon request for individuals with disabilities. For accessibility accommodation, please contact Associated Students at (408)924-6242.

EMPLOYEES (as of February 2017):

Full-time professional: 36

Part-time non-student: 10

Students: 145

Total Number: 191



Human Resources

A.S. Cesar E. Chavez Community Action Center

A.S. Child Development Center

A.S. General Services Center

A.S. Marketing & Events

A.S. Print & Technology Center

A.S. Student Government

A.S. Transportation Solutions


Campus Life: Campus life is an environment where the educational experience is enhanced through means of accessible services, collaboration and student input.

Student Wellness: A commitment to the betterment of a student as an active individual in society where physical, mental and social strengths are developed.

Student Services: Provide services to students based upon their demonstrated needs in a fiscally responsible manner.  In it's interactions with students, A.S. seeks to develop future leaders by involving them in decision making and providing opportunities for work experience.

Life-Long Learning: Associated Students supports the University's mission of life-long learning by engaging students and providing a bridge between the classroom and the global society through co-curricular learning opportunities.

Student Advocacy and Cultural Competence: Provide an opportunity for students to find voice, share their opinions, express ideas, concerns and needs to the campus and greater community.