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Food and Catering for your event

  Every group is responsible for their own food arrangements. Catering services must be arranged with Spartan Catering Services at 408-924-1752. Associated Students is not responsible for organizing your set up or pick up time for your catering. You MUST be present when they set up and make sure catering services picks up on time after the event. Please notify us of your catering arrangements when you finalize your reservation. Associated Students, SJSU does not carry a liquor license. To serve liquor you must contact Spartan Shops Catering Services at 408-924-1752.

The Fireside Room is the only conference room that can accommodate catering service. If you would like to use the Board Room and have catering services, you need to reserve the Board Room and the Fireside Room, paying fees (if applicable) for both rooms.
Due to campus construction and relocation, Associated Students must postpone reservation for the following spaces from October 31st, 2018- June 1st, 2019.

A.S. Recreation Lawn
A.S. BBQ Pits
A.S. Fireside Conference Room
A.S. Board Room

If you have any questions, please contact our business office at 408-924-6242.