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“Hurrah for the Students’ Association!  It is now fairly started and with the efficient officers elected, promises a bright future.” ~ Harriet E. Quilty, The Normal Pennant, May 1898

In 2017, Associated Students marks 120 years of students serving students! Throughout its history, Associated Students of San José State University has been inextricably connected to student affairs and life on campus as we know it today.  It was evident from the beginning that a small group of passionate students could effect change, perhaps serving as an early precursor to the rich history of student activism and diversity that SJSU would eventually pride itself on. In the humble beginnings of 1897, students of the soon-to-be Student Government organized to hold elections and establish a collective student voice focused on representation, advocacy and improving the student experience, which today remain tenants of the Associated Students mission.  

Anniversary Events
Celebrations will kick off in spring 2017 and continue with a series of events throughout the 2017-2018 academic year.

  • March 1, 2017, 11:30am - 2:30pm: Way Back Wednesday, A.S. 120th Anniversary Kick Off Event, Tower Lawn
  • Fall 2017: A.S. History Exhibit and Past Presidents' Dinner (TBA)
  • Spring 2018: A.S. Alumni Gala (TBA)

Event details to be confirmed and shared with the Spartan community as these become available.

A.S. History Project

Associated Students launched the A.S. History Project in the summer of 2016 to document our rich history and connection to campus as we know it today. The project is led by students and staff in the organization and in collaboration with a research assistant from the MLK, Jr. Library Special Collections team.

Materials from the last decade will be donated to add to the existing A.S. archive collection of 54 boxes already housed at MLK, Jr. Library.

We invite you to visit the Associated Students website as we continue to add more information and details surrounding our 120th year celebration and history.

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A.S. History Overview
A.S. History Timeline: by the Decade (Coming soon!)
List of A.S. Presidents
Video Interview Featuring A.S. Employees
120th Anniversary Video
Update News (2001) - A.S. House Remodel


A.S. History Project Team
Tari E. Hunter, A.S. Executive Director
Kelli Williams Reid, History Project Chair, Associate Executive Director
Jasmine Garcia, A.S. Director of Communications
Bradyn Miller, Marketing & Events Manager
Christy Riggins, Government Executive Assistant
Edilbert C. Signey, Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Stephanie Watson, Research Assistant from the MLK, Jr. Library Special Collections
Joan Wilson, Executive Administrative Assistant

120th Year Commemorative Logo
The commemorative 120th year anniversary logo was created by graphic designer Ryan Stuart Martin.

Graphic Designers
Ryan Stuart Martin
Rachel Moises
Patricia Nguyen
Emilio Rios
Ylan Tran

Marketing & Events
Rhett Cookson
Jacqueline Go
Haley McGee
Amanda Mussynski
Duy B. Nguyen
Monica Sanchez
Mara Sullivan

All print materials for the A.S. History Project have been printed by Kevin Lowe and the team from the A.S. Print & Technology Center.

Contact Us
Opportunities to get involved and volunteer are available. Contact Kelli Williams Reid, Associate Executive Director, at (408)924-6219, kelli.reid@sjsu.edu or visit A.S. House.