Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcomes

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A.S. 2016-2017 Student Learning Goals/Outcomes

Confidence in Leadership

    • Where students take initiative and demonstrate accountability
    • That is demonstrated by the ability to find one’s voice and express opinions
    • Where students believe they can influence change and make a difference
    • That results in increased self-efficacy or belief in one’s capabilities to achieve goals or be successful

Critical Thinking

    • Where students gain experience and skills to solve problems
    • That applies previous learning when exploring new issues or ideas
    • Where other perspectives are considered before accepting or formulating an opinion, conclusion or decision
    • That demonstrates sound judgement and considers impact of actions

Effective ​Communication

    • That upholds workplace expectations and professionalism
    • ​​That is well-prepared and thoughtful and clearly conveys ideas to others
    • Where students gain experience facilitating meetings or presentations
    • That is demonstrated by the ability to give and receive feedback

Sense of Belonging

    • That is demonstrated by an environment that is student-friendly and team-oriented
    • That is inclusive, welcoming and upholds a high level of customer service
    • That is demonstrated by connectedness to and engagement in activities and events at San José State University
    • Where students feel supported to persist in school and graduate