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03/05/12 A.S. 55 an Award for SJSU Students Who Give Back to the Community

02/29/12 California State Student Association Searches for Next Student Trustee

02/27/12  E-Book Lending Program May Be Implemented in the Fall

02/21/12  Organizations at SJSU tackle student pride on campus

02/19/12  Spartans Explore the Financial Aid Impications of the DREAM ACT

02/13/12  CSU Faculty Trustee Bernadette Cheyne Visits SJSU

02/13/12  SJSU Alert System Now Mandatory For All Students

02/12/12  MP3 Experiment Succeeds at SJSU

01/31/12  SJSU Frosh Housing Policy Requirment Lists New Exemptions

01/24/12 Lack of Snow and Rain Leaves Some SJSU Students High and Dry  

12/07/11 Commuter Discounts that Save Money

11/15/11 Poverty campout engages activists at SJSU

11/08/11 A.S. Scholarship Reception Sheds Light on Program

10/31/11 A.S. President Lobbies in Washington for Pell Grants

10/25/11 A.S. Government, Position Open to Applicants until Oct 26

10/26/11 SJSU students win cash prizes in annual Legacy Week competition

10/16/11 Removal of SJSU G.R.O.W. Club Garden Sparks Debate

10/14/11 Spirits Ignite at SJSU's Fire on The Fountain

10/12/11 SJSU Child Development Center Art Studio Gives Children the Chance to Explore

10/09/11 Arthur Dunklin Diversity Award Winners Named

09/29/11 VTA Eco Passes for SJSU Students Expire on Sept 30

09/20/11 Town Halls with SJSU President Qayoumi Drawing to a Close

09/07/11 SJSU Associated Students Bring Community Service Organizations to Campus

09/06/11 CSU Board of Trustees to Recommend Changes to Presidential Selection Process

09/01/11 Spartan Daily: Community Action Center presents opportunities to provoke change

08/26/11 Student Leadership During Challenging Times

02/28/11 San Jose Metro Fountain Blues Festival

12/8/10 SJSU Center for Community Learning and Leadership Offers Students Several      Options to Volunteer

10/15/09 Spartan Daily: Chicano activism at SJSU discussed at event

10/13/09 Sopoaga Gives to Tsunami Relief Efforts

10/05/09 Spartan Daily: Group seeks costumes for needy children

09/21/09 Spartan Daily: Community celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with 'Movimiento'

09/14/09 Spartan Daily: Students plant seeds in community

09/10/09 Spartan Daily: SJSU students watch as Sotomayor takes seat

09/10/09 Fair attempts to connect students with San Jose community

09/03/09 Spartan Daily: Events planned for 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance

05/11/09 Spartan Daily: Spending a day helping the community

02/09/09 Spartan Daily: Celebrating the life and times of Cesar Chavez through music

02/02/09 Spartan Daily: Carnegie Foundation recognizes SJSU for community service

05/13/08 Spartan Daily: Making more than just music

05/06/08 Spartan Daily; Death penalty goes on verbal trial tonight

05/06/08 Spartan Daily: Getting the youth involved

04/16/08 Spartan Daily: Bilingual play portrays struggle of Zapatista revolution in Mexico

02/12/08 Spartan Daily: Students, U.N. rep discuss poverty

02/06/08 Spartan Daily: Dressing and marching for Katrina

01/30/08 Spartan Daily: Monument Pays Homage to Chavez

12/04/07 Spartan Daily: Banquet serves as Hunger reminder

10/16/07 Spartan Daily: Campus Celebrates Olympian Runners

04/16/08 San Francisco Chronicle: Media, Internet court young Latino swing vote


Voice from the A.S. Executives (VIDEOS)

4/20/12 A.S. President Tomasz Kolodziejak's speech @ inauguration ceremony of SJSU President Mohammad Qayoumi

10/31/11 CSU Representatives lobby Congress to save Pell Grants by Tomasz Kolodziejak

05/27/11 Proposed IRA Fee Increase Fall 2011 by A.S. Vice President Calvin Worsnup

05/17/11 The State of the A.S. & 2010 survey update by A.S. president Tomasz Kolodziejak


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