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  To reserve a room:
  1. Call at (408) 924-6242 to determine room availability.
    Priority for rooms is given (in order) to Associated Students activities, SJSU students, department functions, and external groups.
    The Reservation/Contract Form is available at this link. The form is a PDF document with fields ready to be typed in.

  2. Download the Reservation/Contract form, complete it and submit in-person at the A.S. House. Or mail it to Campus mail (0128) or Fax it to 924-6224.


  An invoice will be issued upon signing the contract and reservation form. Payment must be received before the event. Please make check payable to Associated Students. Attention Conference Room Services. At this time Associated Students cannot accept credit cards.  

Cancellation Policy:

  We require a cancellation notice of 48 hours in advance and a 15% administrative cost will be charged. Associated Students is not responsible for canceling any catering orders  

Damage or Liability:

  Any damage to the property will be charged back to the responsible party for full reimbursement. Associated Students reserves the right to request proof of liability insurance with Associated Students named as additional insured prior to the event date.