Team Training
Spartan Wellness Challenge

Les Mills GRIT Series

"The most intense 30 minutes your body will ever experience."

LES MILLS GRIT SERIES is a combination of three different team-training programs that will push you to your limits and a little further. This efficient workout of nonstop action is lead by a motivating coach with explosive music that will raise your energy and get you results, fast. You will do bursts of 110% energy, followed by short periods of active recovery.

Click the images below for a glimpse into GRIT:


*Uses Les Mills Smart bar, weight plates, and bench
*Builds strength and tones lean muscle
*Boosts metabolism
*Stimulates the production of growth hormone, which will reduce fat and help to develop lean muscle.

*Designed to burn fat and rapidly improve athletic capability
*High impact body weight exercises
*Equipment free

*Exercise involving repeated rapid stretching and contracting of muscles (as by jumping and rebounding) to increase muscle power
*Works on agility
*Increases muscular endurance and stamina

Spring 2016:

All GRIT classes are now on our regular group fitness schedule! Space is still limited to keep with the small group training feel, so come join us for a kick butt workout!