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  A.S. Finance Committee  
  Associated Students, SJSU (A.S.) has set aside $250,000 for 2015-2016 to make available for eligible student organizations* of San Jose State University. This unique opportunity is made available to student organizations for funding events, conferences and more**.  The Finance Committee of A.S. is tasked to review each request over $900 up to the maximum $2,300 submitted then determine the amount of financial support. This committee seeks 8 Student-at-Large to become part of the voting membership. The committee is specifically responsible for the following:
  • Ensuring money is available***
  • Determine that an organization is eligible for funding, as stipulated by A.S. Budget Policies
  • Adhering to funding guidelines and policies approved by the A.S. Board
  • Be responsible for reviewing all requests over $900 for eligibility of A.S. funds
  • To recommend to the Board of Directors any changes proposed by the A.S. President’s Budget
Further questions? Feel free to contact the A.S. Controller, visit the Government Admin Assistant at the A.S. House or the A.S. General Services Center to have your questions answered.

* All eligible student organizations must have followed all criteria as set forth by the Office of Student Involvement, SJSU located in Clark Hall.

** For further details and areas of funding by A.S., please review the A.S. Budget Policies

*** Funding is provided on a first come basis and is not guaranteed. If all funding set aside has been used, funding requests will cease until the following academic year.

All A.S. Finance Committee meetings will be held on the first floor of Clark Hall in the Student Involvement Room 140f at 1:30 p.m. on the first and third Wednesday of the month as noted in the schedule that's available by clicking on the link below.

Click here for more information on the Funding Request Packet
Download available A.S. Finance Committee Agendas :

Download available A.S. Finance Committee Minutes :
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