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The Internal Affairs Committee of Associated Students, SJSU (A.S.) is charged to ensure documentation is accurate and that effectively proposed changes to the A.S. Bylaws, (aka the Constitution) are recorded, published and accessible to all SJSU students. Additional duties include meeting and reviewing the Bylaws, and to make recommendations to the A.S. Board of Directors on revisions to them, as well as any proposed changes in the University Governance Structure.

This committee seeks three (3) students-at-large to be apart of the voting membership. To apply, please fill out the A.S. Committee Application Form. For questions, please contact Christy Riggins, Government Executive Assistant, 408-924-6240  or visit the Student Government office, Student Union (Suite 2300).

Further questions? Feel free to contact the A.S. Director of Internal Affairs or visit the A.S. Government Office on the second floor of the Student Union to have your questions answered.

All A.S. Internal Affairs Committee meetings are held on the second floor of the Student Union in the As Government Office Conference Room at 4:30 p.m. on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month.

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