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A.S. Committees

Associated Students committees are the driving force behind impactful policies and initiatives within student government. Each committee works in conjunction with the Board of Directors and are open to all SJSU students. Whether you're a graduate student, transfer student, commuter student, or freshman, we have a seat waiting for you at the A.S. committee table.

As a committee member (Student at Large), you have the power to create and vote on policies and initiatives that impact the campus, local community, and even theCSU system. This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved with student government before running for a position on the Board of Directors.

Check out the committees listed below for a description of each committee. Click here for agenda and minutes from past meetings.

To apply, please fill out the A.S. Committee Application Form. For questions, please contact Christy Riggins , Government Executive Assistant, 408-924-6240  or visit the A.S. Student Government office, Student Union (Ste. 2300).


Committee Appointments


The positions listed below are open opportunities for students to get involved at San José State University.
All applicants must meet the qualifications noted on the bottom of the application. Check the column to see if there is still an opening in a committee you are interested in then fill out an application located at the A.S. House or on the A.S. Government website . Look for the box that says "Click here to join a committee". There is a description on what each committee does on the second page of the application. Once you fill out the application completely, turn it into the Government office in the Student Union, Room 2300 and you will be contacted about your appointment.


Committee Name

Total Number of Positions

A.S. Operations Committee 3  
A.S. Finance Committee 8  
A.S. Lobby Corps 9  
A.S. Programming Board 20  
A.S. Internal Affairs Committee 3  
A.S. University Affairs Committee 4  
Committees of the Acadamic Senate:
Instruction & Student Affairs 1 grad students  
Graduate Studies & Research 2 graduate students  
Institutional Review Board 1  
International Programs & Students 2  
Program Planning 1 grad & 1 undergrad student  
Student Evaluation Review Board 1  
Student Fairness 10 (2 may be grad students)  
Student Success 1 grad & 3 undergrad students  
Undergraduate Studies 2  
Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention 1  
University Library Board 1 grad & 1 undergrad student  
Board of General Studies 2  
Traffic, Transit & Parking Advisory 3  
Strategic Planning Assessment 1  
Strategic Planning Board 1 grad & 2 undergrad student

Spartan Showcase 2017 Winners

Judges and awards from: A.S. Controller Aditya Mairal and the A.S. Finance Committee

  • Best Academic/Honorary Org Award: Urban Planning Coalition
  • Best Community Service/Philanthropy Award: Alpha Phi Sigma
  • Best Student Research Award: Spartan Organization for Astronautical Reseach (SOAR)
  • Best Promotional Item Award: Environmental Resource Center
  • Best in Apparel Award: Black Student Union
  • Best Multimedia Award: Robotics Club
  • Best Professional Development Award: Women in Aviation
  • Best Special Interest Organization Award: Spartan Drone
  • Best Cultural/Religious Organization Award: Indian Student Union
  • Best in Show Award: Spartones