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Students' Election Commission


The Students' Election Commission (SEC) is comprised of student leaders who dedicate their time to providing an efficient student election process. Planning for the elections begins in late fall and goes all the way up to elections during the second week of April. The Commission is advised by Kelli Reid, Associate Executive Director.

To learn about A.S. Elections, click here.
To read the the Elections Regulation Manual (ERM), click here.

A Message from the SEC 

Dear Fellow Spartans,

As the Dalai Lama said, "In order to carry a positive action, we must develop here a positive vision." 

With this in mind, we, the Students’ Election Commission, are proud to announce the 2017 Associated Students Elections. We are working with numerous departments to present what we hope will be a promising and successful election season. 

We understand that the recent presidential election has impacted everyone on campus, regardless of political views, and has left many feeling jaded about politics in general. Some of you may feel that you do not have the ability to be open about a candidate that you voted for, for fear of being chastised. Others may feel that their voices were not heard in these elections, and may be discouraged from participating in future elections. Regardless of how you voted, we encourage all students to get involved and participate in your Student Government by attending events and voting.

The elected Board of Directors will become your collective voice at SJSU to discuss the issues and challenges facing the student body and work to improve the SJSU student experience. We can create a positive vision for how students communicate their needs on campus, and that starts with positive action.

The SEC would like to thank everyone involved in the election process.

Spartan Up!





Maya Briones
Chief Elections Officer (CEO)

Kirthana Mohan
Marketing Officer

Zayna Seyedi
Ethics Officer

Anissa Sanders
Events Officer

Victoria Rivera

Amit Sharma
Election Consultant


Students’ Election Commission: (408)924-6242, or visit the A.S. House
Advisor: Kelli Reid, Associate Executive Director, (408)924-6219,




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