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A.S. Funding Request Package

The Associated Students at SJSU collects $96.00/per semester as a General Activities fee from each student. A portion of this fee is used to fund programs and services for student clubs, groups, and organizations. 

Use the A.S.Budget Policies as a guide to the basic procedures used for requesting student organization funding from the Associated Students and how to spend the money once it has been allocated. This document does not cover all situations. If you are not sure if an expense is appropriate please call us at (408) 924-6240 before you spend your funding. We will be happy to answer your questions.

To request for funds, please read through the information below. The "Request Funding" button is found at the bottom of this page.


Funding Request Contact Information :

For more information contact:

Malik Akil , Controller
A.S. Government Office, 2nd Floor of the Student Union

Christy Riggins , Government Admin Assistant
A.S. Government Office, 2nd Floor of the Student Union

If you would like a presentation to your organization on how to request money from Associated Students, please call the AS Government Office at 408-924-6240.