Requesting funds from AS

A.S. Funding Request Package

The Associated Students at SJSU collects $96.00/per semester as a General Activities fee from each student. A portion of this fee is used to fund programs and services for student clubs, groups, and organizations. 

Use the A.S.Budget Policies as a guide to the basic procedures used for requesting student organization funding from the Associated Students and how to spend the money once it has been allocated. This document does not cover all situations. If you are not sure if an expense is appropriate please call us at (408) 924-6240 before you spend your funding. We will be happy to answer your questions.

To request for funds, please read through the information below. The "Request Funding" button is found at the bottom of this page.


Requesting Funds from Associated Students

1. How do I request funds from Associated Students?
2. What will Associated Students fund?
3. Are there any important restrictions?
4. What are the deadlines?
5. What are the next steps?
6. Where do I find the A.S. logo?
7. What should I do after I turn in my completed Funding Request Form?
8. What if I have questions?


1. How do I request funds from Associated Students?

Submit a completed Funding Request Form. The form is available on-line only. However, before accessing or completing the form, read all of the information in the A.S. Budget Policies to see if your organization qualifies for funding. Each student organization is allowed up to$2,700.00 per school year that can be allocated during one semester or split between the two school semesters. Student groups working on Research Projects can receive the full $2,700.00 pending approval.  Requests up to $1,000.00 will be soley reviewed by the Controller and A.S. Executive Director.  Two (2) applications for funds may be submitted by each organization during a single semester. A.S. strongly recommends all student organizations do fund raising because no organization is guaranteed funding.

2. What will Associated Students fund?

Associated Students provides funding for student organizations in ten major categories. Each category has additional requirements that are detailed on the Funding Request Form.
  • Artists, Speakers and Performers.Professional Performers and Speakers - Maximum allocation: $1,000 per academic school year. Groups must provide a half page biography and their quote. Interpreters can also be funded under this category. However, A.S. does not fund: SJSU students, team coaches, instructors, professors, staff or public officials.  We will help fund honorariums or gifts up to $100 per person; however the FRF must specifically state there is no charge for services. Events funded by A.S. for performers, speakers, and artists must take place on campus. Such events must also be publically advertised and accessible to all SJSU students
    This does not include coaches, students, instructors or public officials.
  • Student Research Projects.Student Research Project - Brief project summaries must be provided with written recommendation by a faculty member. If applicable, proper storage procedures must also be provided and approved by a faculty member. Quotes for the specific materials needed must be provided. Price lists will not be accepted. The requests must be for project materials or participation incentives (for example, survey incentives) that do not include office equipment such as computers, shredders, copiers, fax machines, etc.  Materials must be parts incorporated in the project; tools will be considered under the discretion of the Controller and/or Finance Committee. A.S. does not pay for labor costs. The specific research project must be presented at the A.S. Spartan Showcase.
  • Uniforms, Costumes and T-shirtsCostume/Uniforms - Maximum allocation for costumes is $2,000/year. Costumes are defined as that which is required for the purpose of performing, competing and/or representing SJSU under the title and name of the organization. Personalized or fitted costumes/uniforms will not be funded no will accessories. Student Organizations must submit a letter from the club advisor stating that: Items shall be maintained as property of the organization, not the individual members, and will be properly inventoried for the ensuing members of the organization.  Prudent care shall be taken to ensure the longevity of an item.  Irresponsible actions or neglect will jeopardize future funding.  Visual proof of wear and tear may be required for excessive requests.  Decisions shall be at the discretion of the A.S. Finance Committee. Costumes purchased must be used in a performance at the A.S. Spartan Showcase.
    This must be essential to the mission of the organization or event. The maximum funding for apparel is $500 or up to $1,000 for a philanthropy.
  • Equipment Equipment - Maximum allocation per year is $750. Rental equipment is permitted for the purpose of an event held on campus and an A.S. “Release and Hold Harmless Form” may be required. Initial equipment purchased for the inception of a newly created organization may be purchased at the discretion of the Controller and/or Finance Committee if need is proven. Otherwise, office supplies/equipment and computer equipment will not be funded.
    Must be essential to the purpose of the organization and remain on-campus in a locked storage area for future members to use.
  • Publicity and PrintingPublicity & Printing - All materials such as fliers, posters, brochures, programs and banners must be printed by the A.S. Print Shop. Quotes and publicity artwork samples must be provided that shows where the A.S. logo will be located. Stipulations may require a current A.S. logo that meets A.S. Graphic Standards including, but not limited to size, colors and location on specified item. Alternate print sources are possible if the A.S. Print Shop is unable to fulfill the need of the organization at the discretion of the Controller and/or Finance Committee with a written verification from the A.S. Print Shop Supervisor stating that services cannot be provided. A quote from the alternative print source must accompany the FRF.  Spartan Daily or any on-line source advertisement funding requests must be accompanied by an artwork sample of the advertisement and a quote (not a price list).  Designs may not include the Spartan Head unless it is accompanied by a letter from Athletics approving its use. Business cards may not be personalized.
    You must get a quote from the A.S. Print and Technology Center before looking at alternative sources.  Price lists are not acceptable.
  • Promotional Items Promotional Items - Maximum allocation per year is $750. Requests shall be for the purpose of marketing an organization and for the purpose of recognizing attendees at an event, presenters, hosts, volunteers, etc.  Stipulations may require that the item include an official A.S. logo that meets A.S. Graphic Standards, including, but not limited to size, colors and location of specified item.
    Must be items that will help promote the organization.
  • Food -a student org may request up to $500.00 per year for events on campus
  • Must use a Student Union-approved food vendor.
  • SecuritySecurity - Security provided by the University Police Department (not to exceed straight time rates per officer). If no monetary transactions are to occur during the event, organizations may use the security company as recommended by the Student Union. UPD invoice or estimate is required
  • Quotes must be provided by the University Police Department (not to exceed straight time rates per officer).
  • InsuranceInsurance - All organizations hosting a high profile event (concert, dance, etc.) must provide a Certificate of Insurance with Associated Students, SJSU named as an additional insured party prior to the release of any funding. Student Union Event Services must grant program approval to determine needs for additional insurance. Contact the Event Services Office in the Student Union. Phone: (408-924-6300
    You can get a quote from the Event Services office located in the Student Union.
  • Professional Development/Airline TravelProfessional Development Registration and Airline Fees - Funds being requested per academic year not to exceed $600/person. Explanation to the relevance of the professional opportunity and the mission of the organization is required.  For all applicable fees, organizations should make every attempt to turn their request in time to make the Early Bird deadline.  Funding may include food only if part of the registration fee; not to include extra events. A.S. funds air travel to areas outside of the Northern California’s Bay Area.  A quote showing the cost of tickets to the destination must be attached to the FRF.  Travel dates must be consistent with dates of the conference, event or competition, not to exceed 1 day prior and/or 1 day after.  Exceptions shall be at the discretion of the A.S. Controller. Release and Travel Waiver and Organization/Driver Insurance Forms must be completed prior to release of funds. Other forms of travel are NOT funded. International travel is not funded. EO 1041 establishes the policy for student air travel.
    (Limited to $750.00 per person/per year). You must show how attending this professional development activity is essential to the mission of the organization.
  • VenueVenue - A.S. funds only venues that are SJSU campus proper. Labor costs associated with setup and A/V equipment use for Student Clubs/Organization events are not included for funding unless specifically provided by the SJSU Student Union. Cost estimate must be provided from the SJSU venue
    This includes rental/set-up costs and A/V equipment for events held on campus and in auxiliary facilities.

3. Are there any important restrictions?

  • No organization can prepay for any items they want funded prior to approval by the Controller or the A.S. Finance Committee.
  • Your organization must be recognized by the Student Involvement office, located in the Student Union on the first floor.
  • Associated Students will not fund any programs that are restricted to members of the specific club, group, or organization or that exclude any SJSU student.
  • Events must be compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • We don't do personal reimbursements.

4. What are the deadlines?

You must submit a completed Funding Request Form (FRF) at least four (4) weeks prior to the date of approval of your early bird registration, program, event or activity. Use the chart below to help you determine when to submit your FRF.

If your event takes place the week of or after:   You must submit your completed Funding Request Form by:   You must attend the Finance Committee meeting on:
Monday, September 24   Monday, August 27   Wednesday, September 5
Monday, October 15   Monday, September 10   Wednesday, September 19
Monday, October 29   Monday, September 24   Wednesday, October 3
Monday, November 12   Monday, October 8   Wednesday, October 17
Monday, December 3   Monday, October 29   Wednesday, November 7
Monday, December 24   Monday, November 12   Wednesday, November 21
Monday, January 7   Monday, November 26   Wednesday, December 5

Begin to complete the form as soon as possible. You may need to gather additional documents or signatures from various individuals and departments on-campus and off-campus. Also, revisions may be requested before the form can be accepted. Allow yourself sufficient time to complete all of these tasks and still be able to submit the form on time. Funding Request Forms will NOT be accepted if your program, event or activity takes place less than two weeks from the date you submit a completed FRF.

To be complete, the FRF must contain all required information, only request funds in the ten categories listed above and have all required documentation attached. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.


5. What are the next steps?

Once funding has been approved, your student organization must follow these steps:

1. In 3 - 5 days, go to the AS General Services Center, Student Union, with all quotes/invoices, and supporting paperwork for the items you are being funded.
2. Your AS Funding Account must be confirmed by signing a signature card.
3. All money requests will be issued in the form of a check. We do not do any cash disbursements or wire transfers.
4. A requisition form is required to request any checks to be issued from the account.
  • A separate Allocation Summary form must be filed for each vendor/funding breakdown.
  • The processing time for a check request is 3 – 5 business days after submission of your quotes/invoices.
  • A check request for artists or speakers take 10 business days after submission. A completed contract form must be submitted with the requisition and must include the performer’s tax ID or social security number and complete mailing address.

In the case you are approved for registration/travel funds, the following will need to be turned in with the requisition form:

1. Every traveling member must sign a waiver form, which may be picked up at the AS General Service Center in advance.
2. A copy of the registration form(s) with the listing of the attendees must be submitted.
3. All attendees must be students.

If you are denied funding for a specific reason, there are some steps you can take to try and request the funding again if time allows.

  • If you were not able to attend the Finance Committee meeting to do a presentation on your organization’s event you can talk to the Controller about rescheduling your request for the next Finance Committee meeting.
  • If you did not fill out the Funding Request Form completely you must complete it as requested by the Controller then resubmit it.
  • If you turn in your request in less than the four weeks required consider requesting $1,000 or less so your request can be reviewed and possibly approved by the Controller.

6. Where do I find the A.S. logo?

The current A.S. logo can be found on the A.S. website under the heading "Other Services" or you can click on the link .

7. What should I do after I turn in my completed Funding Request Form?

Prepare a presentation for the A.S. Finance Committee. If you are distributing handouts, please come with enough handouts for the 15 committee members. The A.S. Controller may give you a call before the meeting to clarify some information.  All Power Point presentations must be brought to the meeting on a flash drive, not a laptop or by pulling up e-mail.

8. What if I have questions?

If you have questions about the Funding Request Form or the process, you can contact:

Malik Akil,
408-924-6254 or
A.S. Government Office, 2nd floor of the Student Union

Christy Riggins,
Government Administrative Assistant
408-924-6240 or
A.S. Government Office, 2nd floor of the Student Union

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