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Associated Students offers the following scholarships to San Jose State University students to help offset the costs of attending college. Apply through the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office starting in spring 2019 for the 2019-2020 academic year awards.


Eligibility Requirements (for all awards):
All applicants must be matriculated students who have completed a minimum of 15 semester units at SJSU and are in good standing
-Outgoing and past elected Associated Students officials are eligible to apply and receive an award. -Incoming elected officials are not eligible to receive the award
-Awards based on financial need must be verified by the Financial Aid Office and require supporting documentation as determined from the FAFSA application
-Recipients are restricted to one A.S. Scholarship while attending SJSU
-Must meet eligibility based on S05-04 University Qualifications
-Award may not exceed a student's "cost of attendance" at San Jose State University and may affect their financial award package
-GPA requirement shall be determined by a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or 3.0 as indicated


Applications are available through San Jose State University Financial Aid and Scholarship Office,
One Washington Square,
San Jose, CA 95192-0036
San Jose State University Scholarships

Students awarded an Associated Students' scholarship demonstrate exemplary leadership and involvement in campus and community life including: student organizations, sports, campus committees, volunteerism, community and civic activism. They also meet the following requirements for each scholarship type.

2017-2018 A.S. Scholarship Recipients


Associated Students scholarship recipients demonstrate exemplary leadership and involvement in campus and community life, including student organizations, sports, campus committees, volunteerism, community and civic activism. A total of $82,000 was awarded to our deserving and admirable Spartans!

A.S. Legacy Award ($2,000)
Awarded to students who serve as a symbol for positive change, continuously strive to make an impact at San Jose State and beyond through various forms of academic and extracurricular involvement, and who encourage optimism and create a legacy through exemplary leadership, support, and contribution to the betterment of campus and the community.
Daniel Brenner
Kyndell Conley
Prathvin Gunasekaran
Armon Khosraviani
Ismael Lopez
Khoi Nguyen
Alara Tiernan
Farah Zia

A.S. St Saffold Leadership Scholarship ($1,000)
Named after St Saffold, a well-recognized and honored SJSU alum, the scholarship is awarded to students who embody a true SJSU leader to inspire peers to make a difference and have a passion for helping others. Involved in campus life and an active member of the campus community.
Luis Aguirre
Nikiruka Anudokem
Heather Bates
Estefania Bautista
Torrey Blake
Skylar Caesar
Layling Chang
Katie Emmel
Ricardo Gonzalez
Zunaira Iftikhar
Angela Iraheta
Jacob Jones
Ling Le
Dylan Leas
Mindy Nguyen
Linda Nguyen
Johnny Ojeda
Crystal Perez-Reymundo
John Schilling
Ashley Thomas Williams

A.S. Advocacy Award ($1,000)
Awarded to students who advocate for social justice through diverse forms of civic engagement, demonstrate leadership and involvement within campus and the community and value volunteer work and public activism while inspiring others to envision a socially conscious campus community.
Maya Briones
Tyler Bruno
Audrey Calderon
Reni CantoAdams
Cynthia Delgado-Velazco
Junia Ikeh
Mariss Kania
Taylor Lindsay
Matt Marchand
Andy Nguyen
Sneha Paras Parmar
Dino Piazza
Sierra Taylor
Baoyue Zhao
Tianyu Zhao

A.S. Environmental Champion Award ($500)
Awarded to students who are champions for environmental sustainability in all aspects of campus and community life, foster awareness and education for peers, and demonstrate a passion for "going green." Students who have experience in developing or assisting sustainability initiatives and want to provide an eco-friendly world for generations to come.

Shireraw Jemberie

A.S. First Generation Student Scholarship ($500)
Awarded to students who are the first in the family to attend college, are role models for future first generation students to achieve a higher education, and give back to the community through mentoring and support of youth and supports the success of peers, who may also be first generation college students.
Ester Angeles-Mares
Giselle Arellano
Priyansh Bhimani
Changyu Cai
Crystal Cardenas
Sandra Gamez
Tan Ho
Miguel Horta
Roberto Magana
Chanel Mendoza
Raymundo Mendoza Landa
Hung Nguyen
Khoa Phung
Aziza Sanger
Thieu Vu

A.S. Global Scholar Award ($500)
Awarded to students who understand the importance of having a global perspective, are passionate about social, political, environmental, or economic issues on a worldwide scale, and who have been inspired by faculty and campus leaders to explore international cultures and societies.
Alexandre Gallardo
Regina Kim
Ashraf Saber
Siavash Taheri
Lu Te Tu

SJSU Salzburg Scholarship ($2,000)
Awarded to students who help promote global citizenship. Chosen by a university-wide committee, the awardees attend a week-long session of the Global Citizenship Program hosted by the Salzburg Global Seminar in Schloss Leopoldskron Palace in Austria. A.S. provides funding for three students to participate in the program.