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Our mission is to represent the students of San Jose State University and continually improve the quality of their educational opportunities and experiences.



Associated Students of San Jose State University has been a student owned and operated non-profit organization for over 100 years.  We are committed to providing services and activities that enhance the opportunity to meet, recreate and maximize student life.  Opportunities to get involved and obtain leadership skills are among our highest priorities.


Campus Life: Campus life is an environment where the educational experience is enhanced through means of accessible services, collaboration and student input.

Student Wellness: A Commitment to the betterment of a student as an active individual in society where physical, mental and social strengths are developed.

Student Services: Provide services to students based upon their demonstrated needs in a fiscally responsible manner.  In it's interactions with students, A.S. seeks to develop future leaders by involving them in decision making and providing opportunities for work experience.

Life-Long Learning: Associated Students supports the University's mission of life-long learning by engaging students and providing a bridge between the classroom and the global society through co-curricular learning opportunities.

Student Advocacy and Cultural Competence:   Provide an opportunity for students to find voice, share their opinions, express ideas, concerns and needs to the campus and greater community.