Course Reader

Course Reader Service for Instructors


The Course Reader Process

• Bring in, call, or e-mail your order. You will need the following information :

» Instructor(s) name(s), mailbox location, e-mail address(es), phone number.
» Semester needed, department, course number, section number, course description.
» Number of students enrolled, number of instructor copies.
» Options of making masters, obtaining copyright permission, making table of contents, three-hole punching, stapling, binding, and/or back-to-back.

• Our staff will review your material and collect any special instructions and permission request information for copyright approval.
• Once we receive your original reader material, a master copy is made if requested.
• The original or master copy is then used to reproduce all the course readers.
• The original material is returned to your department mailbox when we have completed making our master.
• The original or master is kept on file for one year. If you plan to use the same material next semester, all you need to do is re-order it.


• The cleaner and sharper your original page, the better the copy we can make.
• Try to avoid multi-generation copies.
• When you order let us know how many instructor copies you need.
• Try to organize all your information into one reader. This helps to avoid confusion when students purchase a reader.
• Please generate a table of contents if your reader is large or has many readings.
• The Print Shop usually runs 50-80% of the number of readers ordered because not all students purchase readers.
• If a reader is sold out, the student can order it and it will be ready the next day.
• Please let us know if there has been a change in the number of students enrolled in your class. This will prevent an excess amount of readers unsold.
• Please ask your students to purchase readers promptly.
• Please do not tell your students to pick up readers prior to the date it is specified to be ready.
• Keep copyrighted material to a minimum.
• Most publishers are quick in approving duplication of articles but some may take longer.
• For copyrighted material, please bring in copyright page information and specify the pages and the date of the article.
• Bring in the actual magazine, book, or journal for us to make copies from for you. If that is not possible, a good quality copy with the name, address and phone number of the publisher would be helpful.

Copyright Permission Processing Fee

• We charge a $5.00 flat fee copyright process charge per article if the Copyright Clearance Center covers it. Processing charges are: $5.00 flat fee per article divided among the total number of students, or $0.25 per article for each student. We will apply the most economical method for your class.
•If your current or past reader needs copyright permission, we need to reapply for approval if you plan to use it again. It may take up to six weeks for some publishers to process approval requests. Please let us know your plans as soon as possible. Copyright permission is even required from popular magazines such as "Newsweek" or "Fortune". If you are not sure about the materials you are using, please check with us.
Ordering a course reader for your class is easy at the A.S. Print Shop. To have all course reader material ready for your students at the beginning of the semester, we strongly encourage you to place your order as soon as possible. The A.S. Print Shop will accept course reader orders throughout the semester. We will not automatically run course readers used in previous semesters. Please inform us if you wish to have a reader reordered for the following semester.

The turnaround time for orders placed before the semester begins and without copyrighted material is one week. For orders placed once school resumes, the reader can take up to two weeks to complete. We’d like to start production as quickly as possible for classes that have a large number of students. For courses that use copyrighted material, it is essential for you to place your order early. The copyright permission process could take up to six weeks to complete, and we cannot run the course reader until we obtain ALL copyright permissions.


Single-sided or back-to-back copying.
Table of contents service.
Finishing selections from stapled sets, three-holed paper, and/or comb binding.

Course Reader Costs

$0.06 / printed side.
$3.50 for binding.
Free three-hole punching and rubber banding.

Important Copyright Notes


• Publishers may not approve all copyrighted materials submitted.
• All printed materials used in academic settings, including general magazines, are copyrighted and therefore need permission from the publisher for use regardless of the amount of material used. Newspaper and government publications are the only types of printed medium that do not require copyright permission.
• The publishers generally will not approve readers with more than one chapter of a book or 10% of copyrighted material.
• Some Copyright Clearance Center requests may require author approval that may delay the approval process.
• Information we need to obtain copyright permission :

• Your name, day or evening phone number.
• Department name, course number, and number of students.
• Semester needed, pages to be copied.
• Name of publisher or copyright page, book title, author, copyright year, ISBN/ISSN number.

To help ensure that you, the instructor, the A.S. Print Shop and SJSU are protected from any lawsuits from publishers seeking royalties and copyright infringement litigation, we strongly suggest that you make sure that your course reader is compliant with copyright law.

The A.S. Print Shop continually updates the course reader process to make it easier for you and more cost effective for your students. If you have any questions, please drop by or call the A.S. Print Shop manager Paul Lee at (408) 924-6291.