Why us?

Why Choose the A.S. Print Shop?

Student at Work   The A.S. Print Shop is a non-profit organization owned by the Associated Students, SJSU. We are located on-campus to better serve the SJSU population. Our purpose is to provide copying, binding, faxing, printing, and other related services year-round for members of the SJSU community. Our goal is to provide efficient and low cost services. Any surplus revenue from our operation is used to improve the services of Associated Students.

To Students

At the peak of the semester we have over 1,300 students who use our services. The services we offer are here to make the student's life easier. We know that students have limited resources. We try to offer the lowest price for our services. We try to keep flexible hours of operation to serve all students.

Unlike some off-campus competitors, we accept credit cards, as well as Apple & Android pay!

Why choose someone else for your printing and copying needs when we're right on campus?


To Instructors

Our course reader services are here for your use. We have full control of their production. The course readers are printed in-house on our digital high-speed copiers. We obtain copyright permission from authors/publishers and follow copyright laws by using the Copyright Clearance Center or by contacting the publishers directly. We respect the rights of authors and publishers, not only their legal rights, but their contributions to higher education as well.

The A.S. Print Shop strives to fulfill the educational needs of the students first. To do this we cut back on the extra production features, such as fancy bindings and colored paper in course readers. Such measures keep our prices low and generate a healthy surplus that can be reinvested in equipment that better serves the students.

Why choose someone else for your course reader needs when we're right on campus?

We rely on your support to maintain our operation and welcome your suggestions on how we can better serve this campus. You can send any of your comments to the manager at Kevin.Lowe@sjsu.edu