The A.S. Computer Services Center can help you with all of your computing needs! We offer the following services:  
repair image one   Malicious Software Removal

Sometimes, certain harmful software finds its way to your computer. These files include viruses, adware, and spyware. These files can harm your computer, cause pop up ads, track your internet and computer usage, or physically harm your hard drive. We have specialized software and tools to remove these files.
  Hardware Upgrades

Computers rapidly become outdated, there is always something new and innovative that develops. To keep up with the cutting edge, we offer services to update your computer’s hardware components. We can upgrade your Memory, Hard disks, Processors, Graphics Cards, basically any component that you think is performing below your standards.

We are here for your computing needs and to improve your computing experience. You can come to us with any computer related concern you have no matter how small or large. We offer free diagnostics for your troubled computers, can consult with you before any computer related purchase, provide free wireless internet access in the Student Union, and much more. Please come visit us in the Student Union on the top floor.
  repair image two   Data Backup

Computers, if not managed properly, can become unreliable. In these cases, we provide data backup for various range of hard drive problems. We can extract data from corrupt hard drives and backup your critical data on your choice of media: CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, Flash Drives, whatever you choose.
Hardware Repair

We can diagnose and troubleshoot individual hardware issues if your computer is not performing properly. Compatibility issues, IRQ conflicts, Keyboard/Mouse/Touchpad, USB problems, Network, Video and Sound card issues are some common problems that occur. We can fix and/or replace any laptop and PC and Mac hardware.
  Software Installs/Upgrades

We provide software installation and operating system installation services. We can upgrade your Windows or Mac OS. We also do system maintenance, such as windows updates, anti-virus updates, system restoration, and more.
  repair third

Mobile Device Repair


ASCSC provides repair services for mobile devices such as iPhone and android phones.

Labor for screen replacement is $30.

Customers must order the screen part and bring it to the center.




Client agrees to allow Associated Students Computer Services Center to perform a diagnostic and/or repair equipment which includes formatting (erasing all data) on any storage device. Client agrees to allow Associated Students Computer Services Center to verify the integrity of client's data. Client agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Associated Students of San Jose State University, the Trustees of the California State University and the state of California, their officers, agents, or employees from any and all liability, claim, loss or obligations on account of or arising out of injury, death, or damage connected with these services. If client changes configuration of hardware, software or any type of repair, Associated Students will not be held responsible. Associated Students Computer Services Center is not responsible for any data loss or damage during process of repair. It is the client's responsibility to back up all files and data. ASCSC reserves the right to recycle the client's device if he or she fails to pick up within six months from the repair completion date.

E-Waste Drop-Off

ASCSC provides an E-Waste Drop-Off Location. In the back corner of the computer lab, there is an E-waste drop-off set up for SJSU students and staff to drop off any electronic waste for recycling.
  computer recycling image   Pick-N-Go Green

SJSU Students are able to come into the ASCSC Computer Lab's E-waste Center and salvage any electronic parts available. Together let's take care of Our Planet.