Each train has two bike cars. The number of bicycles is limited to 40 per bike car (80 bikes total for train) and 24 per Bombardier car (48 bike total for train).

The primary bike car is on the northernmost end of the train (the cab car). A second bike car is provided whenever possible. The second bike car is usually the second car from the locomotive. All bike cars can be identified with a yellow decal by the doors.

Boarding of bicycles is in the designated car and is on a first-come, first-served basis only. If a bicyclist boards the train and it is full, the bicyclist will have to get off and wait for the next train.

On board, bicyclists must use the bungee cords provided to secure their bikes against the bicycle racks. A maximum of four bicycles may be stored in each rack. The kickstand must be up. Do not chain bicycles to train fixtures.

Because bikes are stacked together against the racks, cyclists should use destination tags, prominently displayed, to indicate where they are getting off the train. As a courtesy, let the cyclists who have longer trips to place their bikes further down the stack (closer to the rack), while cyclists who have shorter trips place their bikes on top of the stack. This helps avoid the need to restack bikes onboard when someone plans to disembark.

The cyclist must be ready to board or disembark as soon as the train arrives at a station. At the train's final stop, the bicyclist must wait until all other passengers have exited the car before removing his or her bicycle from the rack.

Caltrain Bicycle General Info

Bike lockers at Caltrain stations

Bike Lockers At Caltrain Stations Bike lockers are available at most Caltrain stations. Lockers managed by Caltrain cost $33 for six months, plus a $25 refundable key deposit. For information on renting lockers, call Caltrain at (650) 508-6350.

Lockers at stations south of Tamien are managed by VTA. For renting a locker and their availability, call (408) 321-7520 or e-mail your request to bikelockers @ . Please include your name, address, phone and fax numbers, as well as the desired locker location. VTA will send you an application.

Lockers at the three San Mateo Caltrain stations (2nd Avenue, Hayward Park and Hillsdale) are available through the City of San Mateo. For rental information on those lockers, call (650) 522-7336.

The City of Palo Alto offers lockers at the California Avenue station. Call 650.329.2568 for information.

Caltrain Bicycle Parking