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Caltrain is a regional rail line serving San Francisco, San Jose, Gilroy, and stations in between.

Currently Caltrain operates local, limited stop, and Baby Bullet express services between San Francisco and San Jose Diridon Station . Six trains are operated between San Jose and Gilroy during weekday peak hours only. Hourly local service is provided on weekends and holidays between San Francisco and San Jose.

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Fare types

There is no special discount for SJSU students and employees.

Clipper Card

If you are a student or employee of SJSU, you can pick up an Eco Pass Clipper card from Transportation Solutions center. With the Eco Pass Clipper, you can have unlimited rides on all VTA lines. For other transit agencies' services such as Caltrain, you can load money on your SJSU Eco Pass Clipper to store Caltrain Day and Monthly passes. The card reader at train stations deducts the cost of a ride.

If you are not an SJSU student or employee, you can buy a Clipper card from the VTA Customer Service office or from Walgreens at First and E. San Fernando streets.

A new Adult Clipper card will cost $3. Clipper will waive the $3 fee if you purchase your card online and sign up for Autoload at the same time. If you purchase a card at a Muni Metro or Golden Gate Ferry Clipper vending machine, you will need to load a minimum amount of value to your new card. At other locations and on , there is no required minimum for new cards.

Clipper Tips:

  • Must have $1.25 on card
  • Monthly Pass customers only tag on and off first trip of the month
  • Cash and 8-ride Ticket customers must tag on and off for every trip

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For more information on MUNI, VTA and SamTrans transfer discounts visit

Inter-Agency Transfers

Purchase Caltrain tickets at stations before boarding trains. No tickets are sold on board.

Caltrain Fare information (Fare Chart)

Parking Information
San Francisco & the Peninsula to/ from SJSU

From San Jose Diridon Station, take DASH (Downtown Area Shuttle) to the west edge of campus on 4th Street, or take eastbound VTA buses 63 or 64 to the northern edge of campus along San Fernando Street.