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International Gateways students, International Leadership Program, & Visiting Scholars

Please note: VTA has made the follwing changes to the Eco Pass program starting January 2018:
  • The name Eco Pass is changed to SmartPass. You don't need to replace your current card.
  • VTA has established the Collegiate SmartPass program for all colleges and universities.
  • VTA has exluded the Express Bus Service from the SJSU SmartPass program with the exception of Fremont Express buses (120, 140, 180, 181), and Gilroy Express bus 168 for Eco Pass users in 2017 - until the planned extension of BART to San Jose starts operation in June 2018.

The SJSU SmartPass holders are allowed to board other VTA Express buses by paying a surcharge of $2.25 per ride. The surcharge must be paid with E-cash value loaded on the SmartPass Clipper Card.


How to get your SmartPass Clipper Card?


International Gateways  (IG)& International Leadership Program (ILP)

To receive a SmartPass (formerly Eco Pass) Clipper Card, you must put in a request online.

Click the SmartPass Clipper Card Request link and fill out the short form. Read and check the SmartPass usage Terms & Conditions, then submit your request. Then, visit Associated Studnets Transportation Solutions / General Services Center to pick up your SmartPass Clipper. SJSU Tower ID is required.

Transportation Solutions / General Services Center is located in the Student Union, East Wing (9th Street Plaza), Room 1800. The Center is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM, during fall and spring semesters and 9:00 AM to noon and 1:00 to 4:00 PM during summer and winter sessions.

Visiting Scholars (Not enrolled with ILP)

SJSU visiting scholars must be sponsored or affiliated with an SJSU Department on campus. The SmartPass Clipper cards are issued only at the TS Center in the Student Union, East Wing. When you pick up the SmartPass Clipper card, you must present a signed letter on an SJSU department letterhead stating your name and your current association with the department as a visiting scholar at SJSU.

SmartPass Replacement Policy


Lost or stolen SmartPass Clipper Card and/or Tower Card

If you lose your SmartPass Clipper card or it gets stolen, contact Transportation Solutions immediately by phone (408.924.7433), email ( or stop by the TS Center and report the loss. Make sure you provide your name and Tower Card number.

To replace your Tower Card ID, go to the Student Services Center on 9th & San Fernando streets, Tower Card window, and apply for a new Tower Card.

To replace your SmartPass Clipper card visit Transportation Solutions Center located in the East Wing of Student Union building on 9th Street Plaza by the ATM's.

SmartPass Clipper Card Replacement
First time
Second time
Third time
Fee $50 $100 No replacement

Please note: The replacement fee is not refundable if the original Clipper card is found.


Defective SmartPass Clipper Card

If you are experiencing validation defect or other problems with your SmartPass Clipper card, do not discard the card, bring it to the AS Transportation Solutions - General Services Center for a replacement.

Damaged SmartPass Clipper Card due to negligence

Please note: Do not punch holes, bend, cut or mishandle that can cause damage to the Clipper card. It will render the card void.

The AS TS will not replace a SmartPass Clipper for free due to damage caused by negligence or mishandling.