Eco Pass Clipper Card    

Please note, starting in Fall 2015, the current Eco Pass sticker system will transition to an Eco Pass Clipper Card. SJSU students and employees will receive a Clipper Card pre-loaded with the Eco Pass. The SJSU Tower Card ID will still be required to receive and use the Eco Pass Clipper card.
With your Eco Pass Clipper card you'll also have the ability to add other passes and fare from other Bay Area agencies onto one convenient card. Just load the Clipper card with additional funds. The pre-loaded Eco Pass on Clipper card is only valid on VTA Bus and Light Rail lines.


Your ticket to ride


The Eco Pass sticker can only be used with the Tower Card ID issued after January 2011 to ride on VTA buses and Light Rail. Any other ID will not be accepted.

Eco Pass Sample image 1 Tower card with eco pass sample image 1

With the Associated Students (AS) Eco Pass and Tower Card (SJSU ID card) , SJSU students and employees can have unlimited free rides on all Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Buses and Light Rail for the duration of the Eco Pass sticker.

When boarding a VTA bus, just show your validated Tower Card ID to the bus driver.

On VTA Light Rail, present your validated Tower Card ID to the fare inspector upon request.

In addition, the AS Eco Pass is necessary to access some of the student services provided by Associated Students and SJSU.
AS Eco Pass is NOT valid on:

ACE, Amtrak, BART, Caltrain, Highway 17 Express, Dumbarton Express, Monterey-Salinas Transit, SamTrans.
Outreach paratransit for students and employees with disabilities

AS Eco Pass is also valid for Outreach paratransit service for SJSU students and employees with disabilities who are unable to take bus or Light Rail. If you live in Santa Clara County, you can apply for eligibility through Outreach.

How to get your AS Eco Pass?


Instruction for placing your AS Eco Pass

The AS Eco Pass sticker must be affixed horizontally to the bottom-right corner of clear plastic sleeve issued along with your Tower Card.

AS Eco Pass is not the same as Employer or Residential Eco Pass. Any other arrangement is not valid for boarding VTA buses and Light Rail. Please . . .

Sticker Image 1

DO NOT affix the sticker onto the Tower Card itself.
  Sticker Image 2

DO NOT present the sticker separately from the Tower Card and the clear plastic sleeve.
  Sticker Image 3

DO NOT use an ID window in a wallet in place of the Tower Card plastic sleeve.
  Sticker Image 4

DO NOT put any other identification card, including the driver license, into the clear plastic sleeve in place of the Tower Card.

Illegal use of Eco Pass

Transfer of the AS Eco Pass sticker or the clear plastic sleeve containing the Eco Pass to another person is prohibited.

The validation dates are printed on the Eco Pass sticker. VTA drivers and inspectors will not accept an expired or yet-to-be effective sticker.

Anyone who files a false claim report, alters, defaces, sells, transfers, or duplicates the Eco Pass with the intent to make money or evade the payment of any fare is in violation of California Penal Code 640 . Violation of Penal Code 640 is punishable by a fine of up to $250 and 48 hours community service.

AS or VTA may confiscate the Eco Pass and send report to the Office of Student Conduct & Ethical Development and pursue claims or demands against, or seek prosecution of, anyone who duplicates, alters, sells or commits unauthorized use of the Eco Pass.

Eco Pass Replacement Policy

Lost or stolen Tower Card and Eco Pass sticker

If your Tower Card ID or plastic sleeve with Eco Pass is lost or stolen, or confiscated by VTA due to misuse, go to the Tower Card ID window at the Student Services Center at 9th & San Fernando Streets to replace your Tower Card, and then visit Transportation Solutions Center to replace your AS Eco Pass sticker.

AS Eco Pass replacement policy

First time

Second time

Third time

Replacement fee $50 $100 No replacement

The replacement fee is not refundable if the original AS Eco Pass sticker is found.

Defective Eco Pass sticker

If the AS Eco Pass sticker that you received is defective, e.g. sticker does not peel, has missing validation dates or serial number but it is still identifiable as a current sticker, you may be able to obtain a replacement sticker at no cost. Bring the sticker to the Transportation Solutions Center and the TS staff will determine whether a no charge replacement can be issued.

Damaged sticker due to laundry or other negligence

The AS TS will no longer replace an Eco Pass sticker for free due to damage caused by negligence such as laundry or mishandling.

The AS TS may replace the Eco Pass free of charge if the original sticker shows signs of deterioration resulting from normal use. In all other cases, the sticker replacement fee policy is applied.