Guide to ride a bus
Guide to ride a bus
Identify your route

If you are not sure which bus route to take, call or visit Transportation Solutions weekdays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. When you call or visit, be sure to give the TS Customer Service staff the following information:
  • Where you want to go (major intersection, exact address, familiar landmarks, or SJSU)
  • Where you'll begin your trip

The TS Customer Service staff will tell you:
  • The closest bus stop (usually an intersection)
  • Bus route and the destination
  • Where to get off the bus
You may also request an online trip plan from TS or contact VTA Customer Service.
Bus schedule information booklet   Reading the bus schedule

  • Current VTA bus schedules
  • Schedules are read from left to right.
  • Most routes go in two directions (north/south or east/west). The origin and the destination are indicated in the timetables.
  • Not all bus stops are listed on the schedule. The bus stops listed are called timepoints. The timepoints are also identified in the route maps.
  • Find the timepoint (column) for your starting point or closest to and before your starting point.
  • Go down the column underneath the timepoint to find the time closest to when you want to catch the bus.
  • If you need to be somewhere by a certain time, find the timepoint closest to where you are going and what time the bus will arrive there. Work your way back to where you will begin your trip to find out what time you will need to get on the bus.
  • We recommend arriving at a bus stop three to five minutes before the time shown on the timetable.
Bus stop sign   Boarding the bus
  • Bus stops are marked by a blue sign with the route number(s) and destinations(s) posted on them. Because there may be more than one stop in the general vicinity (one at each side of the street or each corner of the intersection). It is important that you wait at the correct stop for the correct bus.
  • If you see an approaching bus with the correct route and destination, signal the driver by standing near the curb. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before boarding through the front door.
  • Pay your fare or show your pass when boarding. Remember! VTA drivers do not carry change.
  • Take a seat. If required to stand, remain behind the yellow safety line and hold on to the hand rails provided.
Bus approaching   Rules for the ride

The rules for the bus ride
Getting off the bus
  • If you have no idea on how your destination stop looks like, tell the driver where you want to get off.
  • If you are familiar with the area, pull the bell cord or touch the yellow strip on the wall to alert the driver that you'd like to get off at the next bus stop. This will ring a signal chime and light a sign saying "Stop Requested."