Safety programs for transit at night

Safety programs available for using transit at night

Evening Guides - Guided passage from campus to transit stops   On weeknights from 6:00pm to midnight, University Police Department's Evening Guides are available to escort students, employees, and visitors within campus and to nearby transit stops up to two blocks off campus. Escort service by police officers may be made possible at other times on an availability basis.

The Evening Guide Program is available by calling 924-2222 or picking up a blue-light or elevator telephone.

Evening Guides are SJSU students who have been carefully selected by the University Police Department and then trained to serve fellow students as evening escorts. They are equipped with radios so that they may communicate immediately with University Police Officers and Dispatchers. Evening Guides are identifiable by their light blue jackets with the words "Evening Guide" on them, and the photo ID they all must wear.
VTA Night Stop Program   As a safety measure, a VTA bus operator can stop at a location that is closer to your final destination than the regular stop, providing it is along the designated route. This service is available after evening peak hours until the morning rush hour, and is for deboarding only. It is available upon request and will be provided only when and where the operator feels it is safe to pull over.