CCCAC overview image - students in a rally

  Learning Outcomes


1. Student staff members of the Cesar Chavez Community Action Center will   demonstrate mastery in each step of the program development process (e.g. brainstorming, planning, designing, creating, completing, and evaluating) for the program that they oversee.

2. Student participants in the youth mentoring programs (FE, Strive, and Legary Tours) will act intentionally and ethically to address the college achievement gap in an informed manner with a multicultural and historical perspective and a clear understanding of societal and civic responsibilities.

3. Student participants in Alternative Spring Break will  engage in exploraring diverse and global perspectives through engagement and experience of the immersion trip to Arrazola, Mexico.

4. Students will have a heightened sense of beloning to the SJSU campus through their participation in CCCAC sponsored programs.

5. Students will demostrate an ability to think critically and solve problems through involvement in community service projects.