Community Garden



About the Garden

In 2014, the SJSU Campus Community Garden was established as a result of student-led initiative. The garden was created to provide students a space to gain access to health food, learn about sustainable organic garden practices and earn service learning hours. Sponsored by Associated Students the garden is an extension of the Cesar E. Chavez Community Action Center.

372 E. San Salvador St., San Jose, CA 95112
The garden is located near the intersection of 8th and East San Salvador, directly across the street from the Dining Commons.


Our Purpose

The garden is on a quarter acre of land and it includes multiple fruit trees, compost and gray water system, and  many more. The garden exists to provide the SJSU students, staffs and faculty with an opportunity to participate in food justice, accessibility to fresh and healthy food while engaging in cultural exchange and cooperation.

While at the garden, SJSU members learn the in and out of a maintaining a small garden. SJSU members will learn how to harvest, prune, water and seed vegetable starts in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. SJSU members would be able to bring home their produce after a workday!

Sustainability at the Garden

The community garden is chemical free (organic) which means that we do not use any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Furthermore, our garden is designed around the principles of permaculture and regenerative agriculture, meaning that we try to imitate the natural process.

In the garden we have over sixty different plant species from perennial fruit trees and flowers to annual vegetable crops. Our garden ecosystem is diverse with multiple pollinators and creatures.

Practiced in our garden is composting and reuse of gray water. We have our own composting and gray water system that allows us to reuse and reduce our organic waste. Everything is incorporated into our garden again using sustainable methods.


Volunteering at the Garden

The Garden exists to provide the community with an opportunity to participate in food justice: providing a place for student initiative, cooperation and cultural exchange using the growing of food as an exploration of community involvement.

Fall 2018: September 3-December 7
The garden will be closed on 9/7, 9/14 and 9/21. The garden will also be closed for any holiday and finals week for Fall 2018 semester.

*Students who need service learning hours need to sign up ahead using the links below*

To volunteer on Mondays and Wednesdays, click here.
To volunteer on Fridays, click here.
These days are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We encourage students to bring a water bottle and a grocery bag or container to help transport their food.


Request a Garden Tour, Project or Use the Space!

Interested in bringing your staff or classroom to the garden? Want to do a class project related to sustainability and food? Come to the campus community garden!

**Groups bigger than 4 must fill out a request form to reserve space*

Inquiries about a garden tour or space usage can be found here: Campus Community Garden Request Form

Please note that this is a request, not a confirmation. All requests will be reviewed. A follow up email will be sent between 3-5 business days after the request has been submitted.

Please submit your requests atleast 5 weeks in advance.

For faster inquiries, please email with the subject line: "Project Request" or "Tours at the garden".


Questions? Reach out to us!