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Our Youth Mentoring Program support achievement . Mentors work with youth who are struggling in school academically or with behavioral issues. These programs collaborate with several community partners around San Jose to enrich the lives of youth in the community and those who attend San Jose State University.



Fuerza Escolar is a mentoring program at Washington Elementary school that aims to improve the reading levels of 2-5th grade students. This is a very critical time for a child's development because they are transitioning to reading textbooks. It is Fuerza Escolar's mission to have college students as mentors to bring more light to the learning experience and encourages children to be eager to learn and read.  

It requires a commitment of 20 hours per semester.



Dates:   Every Friday at 10.30 am
Site: Washington Elementary School



Upcoming Info sessions this semester:

January 26th @1:30 pm

January 28th @10:30 am
January 30th @11:00 am
February 4th @1:30 pm
February 5th @3:00 pm
February 9th @1:30 pm
Application Due: February 3, 2015 (Late application: February 10, 2015)
If interested, contact David Gonzalez or Arina Izadi for more information