Cultural References

Jody/Tom Tiflin (Peter Miles) and Billy Buck (Robert Mitchum) with the Red Pony in a box stall.  Publicity still from the movie (released 1949).

Box Stall: A large, enclosed stall in which farm animals are kept; usually located in a barn or large storage shed.

Currycomb: A comb used to groom horses.

Currying: To groom a horse.

Gaiters: Protective gear for the lower leg often worn while riding horses.

Gunnysack: A man-made sack used to carry personal belongings; usually carried over the shoulder on a stick in the west.

Hackamore: Type of headgear for a horse that does not have a bit.

Jackson-Fork Tackle: A farm implement used for the stacking of hay.

Paisano: Slang term for Hispanic worker, ranch hand.

Rapier: Sharp, slender sword used mainly in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-century Europe.

Riata: A lasso.

Scabbard: A sheath for a blade or knife.

Strangles: Equine distemper, or an infectious upper respiratory disease of horses with a relatively high mortality rate.