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Spartan Community Fund
Academic Year 2016-2017

Requests for proposal must be for the purpose of enhancing educational experience outside of the classroom while improving the campus climate of San José State University. Additionally, requests for proposal must be aligned with the mission, guiding principles, and/or strategic plan of Associated Students in order to be considered.

The proposal must meet the requirements outlined below and must include supporting documents that demonstrate the scope and impact of the proposed initiative.

The Spartan Community Fund amount is $50,000.00. A single proposal may not exceed $8,000. Full funding of proposal is not anticipated, therefore, departmental cost sharing/collaboration is encouraged.

The Spartan Community Fund is only open to MOSAIC Cross Cultural Center, PRIDE Center, Gender Equity Center, Accessible Education Center, International House, and the Veterans Resource Center. Applicants must have a minimum of two San José State University matriculated students as employees and one staff member. Funds awarded shall be disbursed to the determined department of San José State University for the purpose of the proposal as stipulated by Associated Students. Recognized Student Organizations are not eligible for the Spartan Community Fund.

Spartan Community Fund Ad Hoc Committee:
1. Chair (NonVoting): Director of Intercultural Affairs
2. Vice Chair (Voting): Director of Student Fee Affairs
3. Member (NonVoting): Executive Director
4. Member (Voting): Controller
5. Member (Voting): Director of Community & Sustainability
6. Member (Voting): Director of CoCurricular Affairs
7. Member (Voting): Director of Programming Affairs
8. Student at Large (Voting)
9. Student at Large (Voting)