Spartan Squad Rewards
Spartan Squad :: Rewards
Spartan Squad Rewards

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Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union


What is Spartan Squad Rewards?
The Spartan Squad Rewards Program rewards student who go to games and other campus events. Students earn points based on their attendance, and receive prizes for reaching different point levels.

How do I participate?
To download the free Spartan Squad app for your mobile device,
search "Spartan Squad" in the app store on your mobile device.
** Available on iPhone and Android devices **

How do I earn points?
Just check in to any events listed on the Spartan Squad app. You can check your points at any time. Additionally, you will not lose points once you redeem your prizes.

How do I get my prizes?
When you’ve earned a prize, visit the Spartan Squad table at the next event or at the A.S. House. Check the app’s calendar for upcoming opportunities. Don’t touch that “Redeem” button yet! We’ll take care of that for you.


This semester's prize line-up:

Flashlight Keychain      Flashlight Keychain

Tote                               Tote Bag

Penant                        Penant

Foam Helmet                   Foam Helmet

Playing Cards           Playing Cards

Bammie              Bammie

Backpack                   Backpack

Folding chair              Chair